UK Mobile Gambling Worth $100Bn by 2017

It seems that mobile gambling is going to eat further into the UK by 2017 and according to Juniper Research the mobile gaming market could be worth $100Bn by then.

It’s expected that lottery games will be a large part of the market and sports betting and social gaming is also set to increase significantly between now and then. It seems a lot of companies will make their games a lot more social media inclined in the future.

With the rise in smartphone use now at 45% in the UK it seems that the path to mobile gaming is set to increase significantly. Changes in Facebook mean that the company will now allow real rewards and money to be utilised on the social media platform.

Smart phone’s flexibility and convenience and the fact that they have really hit it off big in the mobile gaming sphere in recent times means that the research could easily come through. The fact users have 24/7 access to gaming and also the arrival of 4G in the next few months in the UK means it could really be a significantly bigger player in the UK gamin scene.

Add to this the Facebook changes and increasingly faster and more powerful mobile phones with better and larger screens and you have a real recipe for change in the sphere. Online and offline gaming is set to move people from casinos back to their couches and it seems the profits are set to increase dramatically.

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UK Mobile Gambling Worth $100Bn by 2017, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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